Thursday, May 9, 2013


The skyline from the Empire State Building

We just happened to be visiting on May 1, 2013
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Oh the churches we shall see...

Best way to travel!

Riding bikes through Central Park.  I don't have physical proof that Janet did it, but other people do.  I'm just glad that I got to witness it.

The Met
United Nations
Time Square
James loves the Chrysler Building
The new World Trade Center

The only tree to survive

One more stadium off the checklist...

"Special Brother" turns 30!  Happy birthday my love!  He worked so hard on his birthday!  He didn't even get home until around 9pm to eat dinner and have his strawberry shortcake (all from scratch - he didn't even tell me he wanted a dessert until a few hours before)

Laura Waite, MSW

We are hoping to buy this house.  There is a lot of drama related to it, but we are hoping and praying that in the end it will be our "starter-home".  If you know my parents, then you already know that they have a list of ideas running through their heads.

This building is the only reason why I have so much pride in my school.  I will (not) miss having class in it.

Someone is excited to have his wife back.

This is a shout-out to Stephanie!  THANKS FOR COMING!

Best in-laws ever!

I think it might be a Smith tradition to see "Falling Water" every time people come to visit.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Waites, Smiths, Hyers, and Purcells, oh my...

The palms - a sight for sore eyes
Kate - entertainment on the Metro

James and Brooke - oh the giggles that came came out of her mouth!

The Endeavour - retired

Another arms-length shot - documentation that we were there

Exploring the architecture, gardens, art pieces, and artifacts at the Getty Villa

James doesn't like history unless it deals with a war post 16th Century

Family Picture - 2012

Michael and Stephanie

This is one of many silly pictures

Aren't my cousins cuties?!

The next family engagement is my GRADUATION!  I hope these next four months go by fast!